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Five Questions to Ask Your Towing Company

Sometimes you might have to unexpectedly pull your car over to the side of the road when you’re in downtown Allentown. This can happen for many reasons. Maybe there is some problem with your car; there are so many small things, which can go wrong with a car. However, when this does happen – it can be a really frustrating experience. The situation becomes even more overwhelming if you are in an unfamiliar location. Now, you need a tow but you don’t know who to call. There are so many towing companies in Allentown, PA these days. Even the simplest searches on the internet list so many of them. How will make sure that you are hiring a trusted towing company? And, how will you find the right towing company for your situation? By asking relevant questions – that’s how. Keep reading to find out 5 relevant questions you should ask a towing company before you hire them.

1) How much time will it take you to get to my location?

If you have been stranded in the middle of nowhere because there is something wrong with you car – you are probably already stressing out. You are in no mood at all to sit around waiting for hours and hours for a tow truck to finally come to your rescue. You want to wait for as little time as possible. However, Allentown’s towing companies can sometimes get busy. This can happen because of certain weather conditions like snow and things like that. In such situations, all the tow trucks could be busy elsewhere. A lot also depends on how big the towing company is and how many tow trucks they have in their fleet. So, definitely ask the towing company how long you will have to wait for them.

Another thing that could be an issue with this problem is the time of the day. If you need a towing company at odd hours, it makes sense to ask them if they offer emergency services and if they can reach the spot in the quickest of times or not.

2) Do you have the right kind of towing truck for my particular vehicle?

Each vehicle is different is some regard. As such, your vehicle may require special towing. For example, let’s say that you drive a truck yourself. To tow such a large vehicle, you might need heavy duty towing services. So, tell the towing company what kind of vehicle you are in and then ask them if they have the right equipment for the job. The right type of towing will always ensure the safety of your vehicle – taking care that it does not get damaged.

3) How much will it cost me?

Ask the towing company in Allentown’s West End Theatre District how much it will cost you to hire their services. Both you and the towing company should be straightforward and clear in this communication. Trustworthy towing companies will always be honest about their fees. But, some companies might try to swindle a few extra bucks from your pocket by trying to charge you some random surprise fees once they arrive on site. So, be careful.

4)What kind of payment options do you have available?

Towing services will cost you some money. That much is obvious. But, what if you don’t have any cash on you? Does the towing company that you are hiring accept payments through cards or the internet? Talk to them about this.

5) Will you work with my insurance company to cover some towing cost?

Your vehicle’s insurance might cover emergency towing. However, you should ask the towing company, too – if they will work with your insurance company to cover some part of the towing cost.



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