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What to Do If Your Car Does Not Start

Many of us have found ourselves stranded at least once because our car will not start. Dead batteries and starting emergencies can happen anywhere we happen to stop our car.

If the motor does not fire off when the ignition key is turned, check the battery first. This happens if lights are left on, the radio is left running or the car is not used. Cold weather may cause the battery to die, especially if the car is seldom used. Winter temperatures in Allentown, Pennsylvania frequently drop to the 20-30 degree range, and can cause battery failure.

Here are some do it yourself steps to start with:

  • Open the hood of the car.
  • Look for corrosion on the terminals.
  •  Observe if the connections are loose or frayed.
  • Check the installation date on the battery.

Provided the battery is not expired you may benefit by scrubbing the connections with a stiff brush to clean them or tightening the connections. Try to start it again.

If your car still will not start, then it is time for a jump start. To do that yourself, you need a donor car that will start and a pair of jumper cables. Park the rescue car alongside of or nose to nose with the disabled car. Attach the jumper cables; first to the disabled vehicle, red to positive and black to negative. The cables and terminals will either be colored or marked + and -. Follow the same procedure on the donor car, and run its engine for a few minutes. Try to start your car when the rescue car has run a while.

If your car starts you can be on your way, but have your battery checked out professionally. Should these steps fail put the car on a charger if you have one available. Otherwise, call a towing service.

Ideally you will call a service approved by your insurance. You may also check the ads on your phone or in a phone book. Ask for recommendations from a local dealership.

The driver will identify himself and his company, and listen to your problem.

He may then either repeat the jumper cable action, or use a compact jumper box to jump start your battery. If neither of those works, you will have the option of having him take your car and you to a nearby professional for a new battery or for repairs



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