Flat Tire Service

Dealing with a Flat Tire

You can quickly give way to a sinking feeling if you walk out to find your car leaning to one side. That same consternation can occur if you are driving down the road and suddenly hear an unusual rhythmic noise. You have a flat tire. What can you do?

If your flat occurs at home, changing the tire or having it changed will be convenient. With spare and proper tools this is not too difficult and risks are minimal. The challenge, and sometimes danger, occurs if you are on a busy road.

Here is how you do it yourself :

  • Locate your spare and tools.
  • Secure the jack on level ground and raise the car.
  • Use the tire iron to loosen the lug nuts before lifting.
  • Remove the flat and put on the spare.
  • Release the jack and tighten the lug nuts when tire is on the ground.

Put your tools and flat tire in the trunk and be on the road. Get the flat repaired or replaced.

Sometimes this procedure is not that easy and is far from safe. One difficulty would be if the lug nuts have been torqued down with a power driver. You may only be able to loosen them at the expense of a physical strain or injury. Even more dangerous is if you are on a busy highway, like US 30 in Allentown, Pa.

Highway flats can be dangerous, especially if they are on the traffic side of the vehicle. The first step at this time is to pull as far onto a shoulder as possible to allow room to work. Assess your situation.

Having a flat on the road is a solid reason to contact a good towing service. If you have road side services insurance, calling your provider will be your first step to get back on the road. Your location will determine who you call for fast response.

If you are near Allentown PA be sure to call us. We will check out your tire, and spare. We may decide to either replace your tire, or take your car to a safe place to have it done, with you riding along in our tow trucks. Whether referred by an insurance agency or dealing with a towing service you choose, it is important that the towing service be licensed and bonded for the area. A reliable company will present themselves with a service vehicle in good repair.



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